Three Characteristics You Need In Your Custom Work Assignment System


Being able to create a business where everyone telecommutes means that you can get started without the often necessary thousands of dollars of overhead. By skipping the step of needing a commercial lease and being able to bring in good employees from anywhere, you may find yourself with a business that can sustain itself more easily. One issue that you may find when you have a business that operates through telecommuting is that the system for completing assignments needs to be up to par. Here are three things you need in your custom software assignment system. 

Administrative overrides for changes 

Most businesses will have more than one person working on a project and more than one set of eyes on any sort of proposal. In your custom software design, make sure there is a feature that will allow an administrator to go in and look at any project or assignment that is still out. The system should allow an administrator to make changes to the assignment or add notes to any particular assignment. This will allow projects to be completed faster without necessitating email in order to communicate. 

Ability to send assignments back with notes

When it comes to assigning work, the administrator or managers in the system should be able to complete this task. The software should have an option that will allow all users to send assignments back if the assignment contains an issue or if the employee has a problem. Being able to let a system administrator know of a problem within the built in system will save the hassle of a long email chain or even lost messages. If the assignment is being returned because there is an issue with the work itself, this is something that will  be able to be noted and fixed right away by management. 

Preview for assignments and presentations

If you run a business that offers presentations such as videos, graphics, magazine articles, and anything along these lines, the presentation will be very important before publishing or putting it to press. For this reason, there should be the ability to preview an assignment after it is completed by everyone in the company. Putting together a finished project that was made of many parts means working with a lot of people and a lot of different ideas. Prior to the finished project being accepted, your custom software design should have a preview button that would show the assignment exactly as it would go out to the client. This way everyone who was working on any part of the project can take a look at the finished project with fresh eyes and make sure the finished project is up to par. 


31 August 2016

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