Improving The Engagement Of Mobile Promotions


Mobile promotions are uniquely well-suited to the modern consumer. Not only are modern consumers often on their mobile devices, but they are also more likely to convert and make a purchase. Mobile promotions can be used to "seal the deal" on both new customers and customers who are hesitating before buying. 

Always Consider the Timing

There are times of day when customers are more likely to read their emails and commit to online shopping. By looking at your website's own demographic and traffic reports, you'll be able to determine when your clients are most likely to buy. It's at these times that you want to send out your promotions -- otherwise they may simply go ignored.

Create Specific Promotions

Promotions should always be tailored to the consumer. This gives the consumer the feeling that this promotion is ideal for them, rather than simply being a generic promotion that exists everywhere. Promotions can be tailored to the specific channel the consumer is on, the interests that the consumer has, or even the consumer themselves—"new customer" promotions tend to do very well.

Use the Right Channels

Email is one of the most effective forms of engagement, but it isn't the only form of engagement. Modal pop-ups can also be used on websites to offer mobile promotions, as can SMS. In general, SMS should be saved for your most important promotions. When customers receive deals via SMS, they tend to believe that it is more important; this is because most customers receive vastly fewer text messages than emails.

Leverage Social Media Sharing

There are few things as likely to go "viral" as social media. Social media promotions can be targeted to your precise demographic. Moreover, those on social media are often accessing it through their phone—making it easier for them to engage with your brand. 

Always Look At Your Data

Your data will tell you whether or not your existing mobile promotion campaigns are working. You should know whether your customers are engaging, whether they're making a purchase, and what they're purchasing—in addition to other information such as their demographics and whether they return as a customer later on. By analyzing your data, you can discover what works in your mobile promotions and what does not.

Mobile promotions are only becoming more popular as mobile devices are becoming the default way to explore the Internet and to make purchases. By taking advantage of mobile promotions, you may be able to build relationships with new customers while encouraging returning customers to purchase again.


8 November 2016

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