4 Must-Have Features for Your Medical Website


Designing a functional and attractive website for your medical practice is key to attracting new patients and making your office more convenient for existing ones. Your best option is to hire a skilled web-design company with medical website experience. When having a new medical website designed, be sure to include these four important features.

Patient Booking Portal

Booking portals are great because they make things easier for patients and your staff. Patients won't have to wait until office hours to call and make an appointment, and your staff won't need to spend nearly as much time answering phones and manually scheduling appointments.

Patients should be able to easily book appointments online using a private log-in that then pulls up your updated calendar, the available appointments, and the patient's information. This portal needs to be designed specifically for the medical field in order to comply with HIPAA privacy regulations.

New Patient Forms and Information

Another important feature to include is built-in forms and information for new patients. A great way to approach this is to have a separate tab or menu option specifically for new patients. Your prospective new patients will love how easy it is to find important details like office hours, accepted insurance coverage, and a menu of services. Patients will also love that they can fill in their new patient paperwork online instead of in the waiting room. Implementing new online patient paperwork can reduce your in-office wait time, allowing you to see more patients per day.

Updated News or Blogs

Regularly updated content about your practice, the medical field, and occasional health tips is a good way to show patients and colleagues that you are current with the times. Your website should be designed with a blog component so that you (or a freelance ghostwriter) can easily publish new posts on a regular basis.

Mobile-Friendly Design

People now spend 65 percent of their digital time on mobile devices, so it's best to assume that patients will be looking at your website on their smartphones the majority of the time. Make sure you hire an experienced web-design company to ensure your new website works flawlessly and looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.

By including these four features in your medical website, you will help ensure that both new and existing patients can find the information they need with ease. Talk to a company like Dr. Leonardo to get started. 


1 December 2016

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