3 Essential Tips For The Business-Owning Momtrepreneur


Owning a business of any measure is tough, but throw into the mix being a mom and just getting started and you are bound to have some sleepless nights and stressed days. However, your success as a business owner is reliant on a lot of qualities you probably already have as a mom, such as the ability to multitask and distribute tasks to your employees. Therefore, being a successful business owner is all about figuring out how to fit the puzzle pieces of life and work together to create a good fit. Here are three essential tips every business-owning mom with a startup should know.

Don't look at being a mother as a hindering thing, but a qualification. 

It is easy for women with children to assume that their business efforts will never be as successful as someone who is single or someone who has no children. This is because moms have the tendency to see their status as a mother as something that will inevitably get in the way of their success, but this simply is not the truth. Being a mother may mean that you have to work harder to get to where you want to be, but being a mother also means you have enough drive to get you there while someone else without children may not. 

Keep yourself out of corners by creating flexibility in your work schedule. 

Just because a business is your own, you don't have to feel like every task is your own to bear. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business-owning mom is to back yourself into corners by not having enough employees and not allowing wiggle room for your own schedule. With kids, there will always be unexpected events and times when you simply have to be home. So make sure you create a working schedule that is flexible enough to allow that. 

Make your children a part of your business efforts. 

If your children are old enough, getting the opportunity to be part of your business will be a rewarding experience for your child if your line of business allows it. Whether it is getting input from your teenagers about the most popular social media sites for advertising or letting your math whiz help you figure up the tally on your monthly orders, getting and keeping your children involved will help you maintain connection with them despite the fact that you may not be spending as much time on the home front as you would like. Click here to learn more about business resources for moms.


24 December 2016

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