Don't Forget About Social Media In Your Digital Marketing Strategy


One important leg of your company's overall digital marketing strategy is social media marketing. Your target customers are already interacting on Facebook and Instagram, and if you're not, you're missing out on a powerful method of reaching them. But you can't just throw up a few posts and expect to be successful. You need a complete strategy and a way to measure results so you can adjust it as necessary, Here are a few tips to get you started.

Have a Goal

You don't want to simply throw up posts haphazardly on a platform like Facebook and hope you get results. Determine your goals. What results would you like to see? Do you want to increase brand awareness and engagement? Get new sales leads? Generate traffic to your website? Increase sales?

When choosing which goals to focus on, think about the company's current overall goals and try to align with them so you're all pulling in the same direction. If your company doesn't have any overarching goals, then align with your company's marketing goals.

Break Your Goal into Tactics

Once you have your goal, create the tactics to reach it. For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, make a list of 20 or more social influencers in your target niche and message them regarding partnering with you for relevant content or social media interactions. Or if your primary goal is to increase product sales, set up a Facebook advertising campaign.

Focus Your Efforts on A Few Relevant Platforms

There are many social platforms to choose from, but don't spread yourself too thin. Focus on two or three platforms. Each has a different audience and use. For example, a majority of social media users are on Facebook, so that's great for creating buzz and expanding your reach. Pinterest is primarily a female audience so it's perfect for increasing sales. Linkedin has a more educated audience and can boost your brand's credibility.

Measure and Shift

Have a way to measure how your social media marketing efforts are paying off — or not. Most platforms have built-in analytical tools for measuring some rudimentary metrics, but you'll likely want to dig deeper by using a third-party tool or third-party digital marketing company that can help you determine the ROI of your efforts. Analytics can tell you whether you need to double-down on your efforts on one platform or abandon them in favor of a completely different approach. You don't want to continue pouring money and effort into something that is not producing the desired results.

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29 October 2020

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