Tenant Engagement Is Key To Optimal Property Management


From finding quality tenants to everyday maintenance to collecting rent, property managers have a great many tasks. By far the most important is keeping their properties occupied. A vacant rental unit costs the property owner money every day, so ensuring that tenants are happy and content is of primary importance. A good property management engagement system not only makes a manager's job easier but also helps keep tenants happy. Here's why a high-quality property management engagement platform is a manager's — and a tenant's — best friend.

Benefits for Property Managers 

One of the biggest benefits that management software provides property managers is finding and vetting qualified renters. A good management program will help property managers to research neighborhoods and amenities so they can use the information to attract potential renters. The software should also help managers screen applicants through background checks, credit checks, financial records. It will also let managers easily check for prior evictions or legal proceedings against the renter. An engagement platform also lets managers get real-time feedback, survey tenants, or collect reviews and recommendations to use for advertising purposes.

With a property management engagement system in place, managers can collect rent automatically, without knocking on tenant doors. All financial records, legal documents, and tenant communications are stored securely through the platform so that managers can monitor lease agreements and renewal schedules. An engagement platform lets managers communicate with tenants to discover their needs and complaints because satisfied tenants reduce turnover. It also allows managers to send out mass communications to all residents to notify them of upcoming events or other important information.

Benefits for Tenants

A property management engagement system also provides important benefits for tenants. In addition to the convenience of paying rent online, an engagement platform will have a tenant portal to let renters easily communicate with property managers and even other tenants. They can stay informed of upcoming community events as well as information about emergency and disaster preparedness.

One of the biggest benefits for tenants is the ability to report problems to management and schedule repairs. For example, if renters have a plumbing problem, they can send a notice to management who can then quickly find a plumber and schedule a time for a service call.

Overall, a property management engagement platform allows management to engage with tenants and strengthen the tenant-management relationship. An engaged tenant is more likely to remain in the unit as well as recommend the building or management company to others.

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3 March 2022

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