Reasons Why Political Polling Results Might Be Inaccurate


Political polling is a very important tool used to predict election outcomes, help shape political campaigns, and hold elected officials accountable. However, political polling is not an exact science, and there are several reasons why the results might be inaccurate.

Discover a few reasons below why political polling results might not represent the full picture.

A Recent Political Event

Whether it's a major political scandal or a natural disaster, any big news event can impact how people feel about the current political landscape and their voting intentions. This means that poll results taken before and after a significant event can be quite different.

For example, during the 2016 US presidential election, there was a significant drop in support for Hillary Clinton after the release of emails that were hacked from her campaign chairman's account. This event had a major impact on the outcome of the election.

Such an event can render the poll results inaccurate and should be taken into account when interpreting them. A professional polling firm will always consider such events and adjust its methodology accordingly.

The Sample Size Might Be Too Small

To get accurate results, a political polling firm needs to interview a large number of people. If the sample size is too small, then the results might not represent the whole population.

For example, if a political polling firm only interviews 500 people out of a population of 100,000, then that's only 0.50% of the population. This might not be enough to get an accurate picture of what the rest of the population is thinking. It also alienates a lot of potential voters who might have different opinions.

Political polling results might also be inaccurate if the people who are interviewed don't represent the population as a whole. For example, if all of the people interviewed are from one demographic group, like white men over the age of 50, then that's not representative of the population as a whole. The results would be inaccurate if the goal is to predict what the general population is thinking.

Political campaigns need to be very careful when interpreting poll results, especially if they're from a small sample size or one demographic group. Otherwise, they might make decisions based on inaccurate information.

A reputable political polling firm always strives to interview as many people as possible to get accurate results. They can use different techniques, like random sampling, to make sure that they diversify their sample size as much as possible.

Contact a local polling firm, such as a Democratic political polling company, to learn more. 


5 October 2022

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