3 Digital Marketing Tips To Help Your Law Firm Find The Right Leads


Your law firm or legal service won't attract leads without some digital marketing efforts on your part. You can do a lot to make your service stand out to the people who need your service most. Here are a few tips for marketing your law firm online. 1. Define Your Ideal Lead Before Attempting Digital Marketing You can't cast a wide net and sort through what you catch. Your marketing efforts must pinpoint a specific person.

9 March 2018

Law Firm Retreats: 3 Tips To Help You Get Noticed (In The Right Way)


Many lawyers head to law firm retreats with a lot of cynicism. However, it is important that you make a good first impression. After all, your bosses are always watching and retreats aren't always just about bringing employees together. Sometimes, there are bigger plans in place, such as seeing how well a particular person performs in a group – possibly in a leadership role – before naming him or her a partner.

11 July 2017

3 Essential Tips For The Business-Owning Momtrepreneur


Owning a business of any measure is tough, but throw into the mix being a mom and just getting started and you are bound to have some sleepless nights and stressed days. However, your success as a business owner is reliant on a lot of qualities you probably already have as a mom, such as the ability to multitask and distribute tasks to your employees. Therefore, being a successful business owner is all about figuring out how to fit the puzzle pieces of life and work together to create a good fit.

24 December 2016

Are Your Outbound Marketing Efforts Not Showing The Returns They Used To? Perhaps It's Time For A Change.


If your business has been around for more than a few years, you've likely seen a gradual decline in your traditional marketing efforts. The primary reason for this decline is consumer behavior. Advances in internet technology have opened new ways to reach consumers, but it also means that older outbound advertising methods are no longer as effective as they used to be. If your ad campaigns have been falling flat, it's time to switch from marketing at your consumers in hopes that they're interested in your product and services to attracting consumers that are already interested.

15 December 2016

4 Must-Have Features for Your Medical Website


Designing a functional and attractive website for your medical practice is key to attracting new patients and making your office more convenient for existing ones. Your best option is to hire a skilled web-design company with medical website experience. When having a new medical website designed, be sure to include these four important features. Patient Booking Portal Booking portals are great because they make things easier for patients and your staff. Patients won't have to wait until office hours to call and make an appointment, and your staff won't need to spend nearly as much time answering phones and manually scheduling appointments.

1 December 2016

Tips For Small Business Marketing


Small businesses should not rely on word-of-mouth to promote their business or services. You should be just as diligent as larger businesses when considering your marketing tactics. Making a few changes to your strategy can put your business in front of more potential customers. Understand Recent Algorithm Changes In 2016, Google recently implemented a little-known algorithm update named "Possum." Fortunately, the Google Possum update has improved search visibility for small businesses.

28 November 2016

Three Social Media Marketing Tips


The task of growing your business can be among the most important and challenging aspects of managing an enterprise. This will require an effective plan for advertising your business to potential customers. Sadly, there are many business owners who will overlook the benefits of social media marketing because they are unfamiliar with this marketing channel. To help you get the most from a social media marketing campaign, you should use these three basic tips.

14 November 2016